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Celebrating Over 50 Years of Expert Legal Advice

The Mabry McClelland Tradition

Mabry & McClelland, LLP is one of the oldest and most respected civil litigation defense firms in Atlanta, celebrating more than 58 years of service to the insurance and business communities.

Experience matters. Four of our partners have been together for almost two decades and have never practiced in any other firm. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, some of whom have been with us since the 1960s.

When analyzing a case, we understand that our clients’ goals are to close files quickly to minimize the cost of settlement and litigation. We value efficiency, and work hard to handle our cases in the shortest time frame, with the best possible results.

Our strategic approach allows us to be candid with our clients. We are straightforward in our assessment of the merits of a case, and believe it is always in the clients’ best interests to know the risks they are facing.

First and foremost, we are trial lawyers. While we maintain a reputation for treating our adversaries fairly and professionally, our opponents know us as aggressive lawyers who will not hesitate to take a case to trial. The firm is proud that its lawyers are recognized as among the most talented and experienced litigators in the Atlanta area.

Our track record for getting results and our standard of quality and professionalism set us apart from other firms, but our longevity can be attributed to an unwavering dedication to providing excellent representation for our clients. We look forward to the next 50 years.

Meet Our Partners

Walter B. McClelland
Walter B. McClelland

Richard H. Hill, Jr.
Richard H. Hill, Jr.

James W. Scarbrough
James W. Scarbrough


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